The stores have been completely sanitized and all customer areas, eyewear and tools will be disinfected between customers.  Please wear suitable face coverings when visiting us and reschedule your visit if you are not feeling well.  (We now have an appointment application available).  All required social distancing protocols are being adhered to for your safety.



Eyevan is a Japanese eyewear brand and purely Japanese-made eyewear. It was jointly established in 1972 by Kensuke Ishizu, who led VAN Jacket,Inc. ( a men's clothing company) with Tetsuji Yamamoto, a founder of Optec Japan. The eyewear is made by skilled craftsmen in the town of Sabae in the Fukui Perfecture. Eyeglasses are made on eby one through more than 200 processes, such as sticking to detail as polishing the frames many times. The "Sabae brand" has been maintained by overlapping passionate soul of every person who loves making things.



Harnessing today's cutting edge technologies- Big Data and artificial Intelligence- SHAMIR introduces its most advanced progressive lenses. Shamir Autograph Intelligence is a continuous lens design that optimally matches the weaver's visual needs and Visual Age.


Founded by French opticians in 1957, Vaurnet sunglasses offer timeless and contemporary styles that are recognized as the highest quality optical sun protection. Since inception, Vaurnet has owned a lens production facility in France where all the Vaurnet sunglasses are manufactured. Vaurnet sunglasses all have uncompromising optical excellence with their famous mineral lass lenses. Each pair of Vaurnet sunglasses undergo a seventeen step process to produce each lens which takes a week to complete.



Sospiri is named after Venice's Ponte dei Sospiri ( Bridge of Sighs) and literally means "breathtaking". Sospiri represents a truly limited edition collection ( between 50 and 200 frames per model) with a focus on detail. 100% of the production takes places in the Veneto region of Italy, in a small town northeast of Venice. Frames and sunglasses are compromised of Mazzucchelli acetates, showcasing stunning and unique artistic embellishments.